Every position posted includes a brief job description that outlines the general responsibilities of the position. Although reading about a role is great, it's not the same as actually hearing and seeing what the people in the role actually do. Watch our short Day in the Life videos below to get a peak at what our fantastic employees actually do day-to-day.

Driver Merchandiser (CDL Driver)

Meet Val, a highly talented Driver Merchandiser. Our Driver Merchandisers are the people responsible for delivering our world-class products to our customers. In addition to delivery, our Driver Merchandisers also merchandise- ensure shelves are stocked and products are faced.

We have three kinds of Driver Merchandisers: CDL-A, CDL-B, and Non-CDL. A lot of our current Driver Merchandisers started out in our company as an Order Builder or a Merchandiser. After working with us for a year, many of our employees qualify for our CDL Driver Training Program where Coke Northeast will pay for someone's CDL licensure.

Interested in becoming a Driver Merchandiser? Search DRIVER in the keyword search above. (Don't forget to tell your friends!!!)


Meet Mark, an experienced Merchandiser. As Mark discusses in the video, our Coke Northeast Merchandisers are "retail athletes" who are responsible for pulling products from the back of our customers' stores and stocking the shelves. This role is 100% remote, so success in this position means working independently and being self-motivated. Being a Merchandiser is perfect for someone looking to become a CDL Driver or grow in our Sales Department.

As we provide mileage reimbursement for miles driven while working, we do not provide a company vehicle. Merchandisers must provide their own reliable transportation daily for driving between locations. You won't be transporting anything else aside from yourself, though, so size and type of vehicle does not matter. Like jamming out in the car? Perfect! We do too!!!

Interested in learning more about our Merchandiser role? Search for the keyword MERCHANDISER in the search bar above. 

Warehouse Order Builder

Meet Eric, an experienced Order Builder at our Londonderry, NH Sales Center. Our Order Builders are the people who expertly operate power jacks building out our customers' orders in the Warehouse. After only a couple weeks of practice, our New Hires are able to glide around the Warehouse as Eric is seen in the video.

Although working as a part of a team out to accomplish one goal, the Order Builder role is also very individual and requires pushing yourself to excellence. This role is all about order accuracy and go, go, going!!!

Interested in being a part of the Warehouse team as an Order Builder, search for the keywords ORDER BUILDER or WAREHOUSE in the search bar above.   

Machine Operator & Quality Assurance

At Coke Northeast, we produce, sell, and distribute Coca-Cola products, like Classic Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, and many more. The facilities where we make these products are called Production Centers. We have two PCs, one in Londonderry, NH and one in East Hartford, CT. Making these facilities operate involves all kinds of roles- Machine Technicians, Managers, and Forklift Operators to name just a few.

Shown in this video are two of the most common entry-level roles: Machine Operator and Quality Assurance (QA) Technician. Machine Operators are responsible for ensuring our lines stay moving and beverages continue being produced. Our QA Technicians are responsible for food safety and making certain all our high standards are consistently met.

Looking for a role in Production? Search by location EAST HARTFORD or LONDONDERRY or by keywords MACHINE, QUALITY, QA, or TECHNICIAN.

Fleet Technician and Cooler Service Technician

Meet Maklin, a Fleet Tech, and Ahmed, a Cooler Tech, who both work at our Needham, MA Sales Center. Our Fleet Technicians and Cooler Service Technicians play vital roles in refreshing the Northeast with the best selection of great tasting beverages. Without these key players, we would not be able to deliver our products and our customers would not be able chill our products for their customers. In addition to fixing things when they go down, our Techs perform vital preventative maintenance to hopefully avoid the necessity of fixing. All our Techs work with the most sophisticated diagnostic software, thus elevating their ability to support our team of Drivers and Sales. 

Interested in exploring our Technician teams? Search TECHNICIAN, TECH, MECHANIC, COOLER, FLEET, SERVICE, OR HVAC.


One of the great things about working with us at Coke Northeast is all the different kinds opportunities for growth. For some people, growth means growing vertically up the chain-of-command to a Manager, Director, or a VP role. For those looking for that kind of growth, great! In addition, we provide all kinds of professional expansion opportunities like learning new skills or areas of the business.

Hear from some of our leaders who have created amazing, long-term careers for themselves.


We offer many different kinds of jobs and careers. Looking for a temp job or a permanent career? We got you covered. Like working working with your hands? Maybe working in Equipment Services as a Fleet Tech is right for you. Are you charismatic and enjoy working with people? Maybe Sales is right for you. Check out some of our career path categories below. Click on the title to bring you to a list of our open positions. To see different career path options/ideas, CLICK HERE. Your career is your own, so make is spectacularly refreshing! Enjoy!!! 

Our sales professionals care about much more than closing transactions. They are dedicated to building and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that are rooted in trust. How do we do this? We provide exceptional service and offer an expansive portfolio of beverages to exceed our customers’ expectations. In this way, we sell more than just world-renowned brands; we deliver best-in-class service. 


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Our drivers and merchandisers are our frontline ambassadors, the face of Coke Northeast! These are our road warriors who are in the field working day in and day out with our customers and consumers. When you see one of our shiny red trucks rolling down the road, behind the wheel is a professional driver who is passionate about making sure all of our iconic products get to our local partners. Our Merchandisers work with our customers to keep Coca-Cola products fully stocked and available. 

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Our state-of-the-art production centers in Londonderry, NH and East Hartford, CT are where we ensure the finest quality beverages are produced consistently every day.  We distribute over 500 refreshing options, including 150 low or no-calorie choices, for every consumer taste. Making refreshing beverages for the Northeast requires a lot of raw materials and the coordinated effort of a skilled team. Within Manufacturing, there are three main functions: Maintenance, Quality Assurance, and Production. Our Production Team works in concert to meet the needs of our Sales Team and customers.

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Think of our Warehouse & Logistics Team as the bridge between production and delivery. Through hard work, organization, and dedication, they receive products, processes orders, prepare and pick products for shipping, and load them onto our trucks.  Warehouse is a team sport that requires excellent communication. Think zipping around on a pallet jack is fun? If so, this is the team for you!

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We not only produce, sell, and distribute iconic beverages; we also provide and maintain the vending machines and coolers for our customers. Whether it’s a new part, a new look, or a completely new machine, our Equipment Service Technicians make it happen at customer locations all across our territory.

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At Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast, we lead and support every area of our refreshing business.  We ensure that our teams in the field and at our production centers have what they need to provide exceptional service to our partners. Business & Support functions include: Administrative, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Pricing, Planning, and Public Affairs & Communications. If there is a business function that needs doing, this group is up to the task.

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