Quality Assurance Technician, Lead - Sensory

Date:  Mar 28, 2024

San Antonio, TX, US, 78219

Req ID: 185247 

Job Location: San Antonio, TX
Work days/Shift Hours: Monday to Friday - 8 hours shift

Compensation: Starting pay rate $26.80 / hour. Additional local incentives may apply such as an extra week of pay, referral bonuses and more.


General Purpose

The QA Tech - Sensory lead the group of tasters (including sensory testing equipment – Alpha MOS) responsible for the timely detection of taste, odor and appearance deviations in raw materials/ingredients and finished product, according to the requirements of the CCSWB Sensory Policy and BP-RQ-650 Manufacturing Sensory Program of the Coca-Cola Company, in order to always seek the satisfaction of customers and consumers, as well as the protection of our brand image.


Duties and Responsibilities

Select and/or Train personnel to implement the Sensory Evaluation Program in the plant, in order to obtain a group of certified panelists.

  • Disseminate to employees about the sensory program in the plant in order to develop a sensory culture in the company.
  • Apply selection methods (medical or health impairment surveys, vision and odor tests).
  • Form the sensory panel based on the results obtained from surveys and exams.
  • Train the selected panelists with the familiarization of non-characteristic flavors and then apply the reinforcement of these non-characteristic flavors. 
  • Certify panelists according to the results of each stage.
  • QA Tech – Sensory Lead is required to maintain Bottler Sensory Lead (BSL) Training/Certifications based on KORE, NAOU, and CCSWB Sensory Program requirements.

Implement process release program to ensure the quality of the product going to market.

  • Prepare daily samples for panelists.
  • Schedule tests for each panelist, applying schedules for each one during the shift.
  • Evaluating and recording the results of the discriminative tests for off-notes.
  • Monitor and record daily panel performance.
  • Provide feedback to area managers on the performance of the panelists.
  • Ensure Facility’s Sensory Program compliance with the Quality/Food Safety, Environmental and Safety Policies and the CCSWB Quality & Food Safety Control Plan.
  • QA Tech – Sensory Lead shall facility Sensory Test Failure retesting, troubleshooting and investigations for produced finished products, consumer complaints, FTM assigned investigations (including purchased products), etc. and associated documented reports. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Evaluate panel performance (including sensory testing equipment – Alpha MOS) to know which panelists need to be reinforced again.

  • Prepare samples and apply panelist maintenance tests.
  • Evaluate the tests and record the results for each panelist.
  • Determine the detection capacity per panelist and in general.
  • Evaluate the overall performance and progress of the sensory program implementation and sustainability.
  • Maintain sensory testing equipment - Alpha MOS including preventive maintenance, calibrations, and system data (flavor model buildings and updates).

Build and maintain a Sensory Culture through the implementation of a recognition program to motivate panelists during the program.

  • Implement and maintain the daily recognition program by providing panelists with some incentive after performing daily tests.
  • Organize an annual panelist competition, providing a greater incentive to the best panelist(s) during the year to improve their performance.

Coordinate and/or execute the quarterly Sensory proficiency scheme by Coca-Cola so that each panelist is evaluated individually.

  • Receive evaluation kit from Coca-Cola North America Operating Unit (NAOU) authorized vendor
  • Prepare and apply training and recertification tests to selected panelists.
  • Record the results of each panelist in the company's portal so that they can be evaluated by the company.
  • Analyze the results in detail by panelist (including Alpha MOS) to apply reinforcement to the personnel who require it.

Implement corrective actions in case of deviations in the process, stopping the process, giving feedback to the areas involved and requesting product return as a preventive measure.

  • Coordinate the evaluation of uncharacteristic samples and convene available panelists to apply the corresponding tests.
  • Record test results and inform the personnel involved (supervision, management).

Record and/or communicate the results of each panelist to management and senior management for decision making during the process; and to validate the ongoing performance of the group of panelists and the overall progress of the sensory program.

  • Record the daily results of each panelist as well as their compliance with the daily tests.
  • Keep a record of panelists with poor performance and compliance.
  • Communicate and give feedback of the sensory test results (Passing or Failing – In or Out) to each panelist as well as to the Supervisor.

Record data for each product, intermediate products and/or raw material/ingredient sampled for internal control purposes.

  • Record product, presentation, line and product code of the product being sampled for sensory testing as well as the shift.
  • Record raw material/ingredient, lot or key as well as the sampling shift of the raw material/ingredient.

Design and/or Elaborate all the documentation necessary to carry out the sensory evaluation program.

  • Register and record formats where panelists will record their answers during daily evaluations and training.
  • Elaborate and register the procedure where all the information corresponding to the sensory program is included.


•   Bachelor’s or Associates Degree in Chemical Science, Food Science/Food Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering required.
•    Technical training in food microbiology or overall microbiology required;  training must include sampling techniques, plating techniques, plate reading, and overall good practices in microbiology;   Actual demonstrated working experience greater than two years in microbiology may be accepted as a replacement for training.
•    Two years of quality technician experience required; experience in a beverage manufacturing industry preferred
•    Experience working within an ISO management system or USDA/FDA environment required.
•    Minimum 1 year of experience in an auditing or inspecting against organizational standards role. Prefer ISO Auditor Certification. 
•    Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications – EXCEL, WORD, Power-Point, Outlook, SAP
•    Experience with statistical analysis preferred
•    Experience in training others required
•    Ability to interact with multiple levels of leadership, generate clear and concise written reports, and interact with teams in problem solving activities required.

Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

Nearest Major Market: San Antonio